Clarity is a beautiful thing.

And clarity is particularly valuable in business. When you’re clear on your communications strategy, core messages and the steps to take to make things happen (especially when the pressure’s on), you can launch, rebrand and grow with purpose and ease.

Clarity sessions are strategic intensives that extract the creative core of what you do and map a clear path to communicate it. We get together and map out a plan for your launch, brand refresh or general business and craft a tailored strategy based on your unique style and individual business goals.

It’s about getting to the heart of your business and communication goals.

Sessions run as a conversation about the whole of your brand and public profile, so you’ll receive strategies to grow and amplify your presence, define your core messages, make key decisions around communications channels and map a plan for action. There’s a lot of flexibility around the areas we cover, so you can pick and choose what you want to explore.

With a Clarity session, you’ll receive:

  • A clarity questionnaire
  • A meticulous review of your business brand and profile
  • Detailed research on and insights on how to reach your particular goals
  • A 1.5 hour, one-on-one intensive strategy session focused on your business communications and your key project
  • Insights, answers, action steps and clarity to guide your communications

Praise for clarity sessions

Praise For Clarity Sessions

Louise is wonderful to work with! She has the ability to take ideas and plans that feel scattered and disorganised and create a clear, streamlined and highly practical action plan. Louise was able to highlight things I had not even yet considered as we mapped out my launch. Highly recommend!— Kerry Rowett,

The day before my session with Louise I felt flat. I was beginning to seriously doubt whether I was doing the right thing in launching my own business. Would I get any clients? Why would anyone want to work with me? What would I do without my regular corporate salary? Not only did the clarity session answer these questions – and many others I hadn’t even considered – but I left on cloud nine, absolutely buzzing with enthusiasm, positivity and, best of all, CONFIDENCE. Louise had done her research and came equipped with inspirational examples and practical advice so that I gained absolute clarity on what I need to do next. I would have no hesitation in recommending Louise’s services to businesses small or large – and particularly to anyone who has a good idea but needs help to bring it to life and get real about how they are going to make money. —Kate Burke,

I had the best clarity session with Louise, I cannot explain how exciting, informative and creative I found working with her. She researched my business thoroughly before our session and found ideas she knew would work for me. In the session I got practical ideas on updating the current copy on my website and a new perspective on my messaging. She had lots of ideas for growth and even connected me with other businesses in her network. Louise has a way of making you feel supported and inspired. I would love to meet with her every week as her excitement and passion is contagious – thank you Louise! — Lynne Stockdale,

I wanted a clarity session with Louise because I felt overwhelmed, confused and stuck as to what my brand stood for. Within two hours, Louise had gently coaxed out of me my journey and helped me shape it into a cohesive and captivating narrative and map out the way forward. — Yamini,

I absolutely loved my session with Louise. She brought a beautiful calming and clarity-filled energy to the work we did together, and I felt so ready to rock my with my new comms plan as soon as we were done. And amazingly, the feeling has lasted for weeks. I highly recommend working with Louise if you feel you need some clarity, focus and a comms strategy that feels like ‘you’… but better. — Cassie Mendoza-Jones, Kinesiologist, Naturopath, founder of + the

I went into my Clarity Session with Louise with a *sense* of what needed to be done in an upcoming busy period in my business, including prepping for a program launch. Louise blew me away with her meticulous preparation before the session, her spot-on questions during our time together, and the valuable documentation and action steps that she provided to me afterwards. Clarity? Crystal clear. I’ve been recommending her services ever since. Thank you, Louise! — Ezzie Spencer,

I struggled for weeks to figure out what I should offer as an opt-in gift to my subscribers – but Louise helped me brainstorm a few tight, on-message ideas, and also gently reminded me that people want uplifting and easily consumed material. After that, it was less than 24 hours before I had my light bulb moment, and so Top Tips For Calm was finally born! Louise reviewed my final version and gave me practical, kind and commercially sensible advice to tweak it. Which means I went from no opt-in, to something I was very proud of in less than four days. Thank you! — Alicia Cook, Coach,

Who is this for?

Clarity sessions are powerful for people who’re launching, re-branding or looking to make a shift in business. You might also be in the process writing a book, creating an ecourse or online program and need expert insight and guidance to segment your approach.

Sessions are a catalyst for clarity and action. Following a Clarity session, you’ll become laser focused on next steps and what needs to be done to reach your business goals.

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