eBooks are a highly effective way to
share insights and expertise with your audience.

If you’ve been thinking about creating a book for your business, eBooks are a great option. eBooks can help you share in-depth expertise with your audience, spread your message further and build your list.

I help business owners and individuals to launch their eBooks through a range of copyediting, ghost writing and strategic communications services. With a background in publishing and specialist eBook writing and editing experience, I provide my clients with expert guidance and support throughout the writing and production process.

eBook writing services include:

  • Content creation and ghost writing
  • Structural editing (chapters and the sequencing of your content)
  • Detailed line editing and proofreading,
  • Strategic guidance on positioning your eBook, based on your personal style, business, purpose and audience


Praise for eBook writing and editing

Working with Louise was indispensable to me actually getting my eBook done and out there. Louise immediately understood the level of support that I wanted, had a very clear plan of action which was motivating and encouraging and most importantly, understood my voice, where I was coming from and the purpose for writing the eBook. When you don’t consider yourself a writer, having Louise on board to help you bring your writing project to fruition really is a valuable asset — Caroline Cain, The Freedom Seeker’s Business Mentor, carolinecain.com

It’s a brave woman who puts her hand up to edit a fellow editor, but Louise is the fearless, sassy editor, who did just that. And I’m thrilled with the results. When I wrote Web Words & Wanderlust, I was filled with fear that I had to be the ‘perfect’ writer because I was writing about writing. Louise’s bright, sunny approach helped me out of that fear, because she was excellent at looking at the bigger picture and all the possibilities, not just the detail. I was so bogged down in the project by the time I hired Lou. She was a breath of fresh air, just at the right moment. She confidently and carefully took what I’d written and made it so much more than just words on a page. I deeply believe in my work now, on a level I couldn’t have achieved alone. I’m so glad she came my way — Kris Emery, Editor of web words, krisemery.com

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